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شريط الاخبار

who are we

You find the hut between the fields of life and the forests to say our word based on the truthfulness and accuracy of the information, and then spread it around as an oasis free of impurities.

We delve into the details to reach the roots, and from there we begin the analysis, diagnosis, and proposal of treatment for each disease. Our motto is neutrality and objectivity.

Al-Kokh seeks accuracy in performance and responsible freedom. Its title is one in our dictionary that cannot be divided or divided. We work on the principle of publishing topics freely, professionally, and independently.

The hut between its pages has a share for everyone, and dialogue with the other is a necessity, and the other will find all listening ears and open hearts, whether we meet with him in thought or part in it, as long as vocabulary is a language of communication.

The hut is inevitably capable of accepting viewpoints, whatever they may be, provided that they have the foundations and principles of dialogue, ideas, debate, and points of convergence and divergence.