who are we

ALKOUKH dives into the details to reach the roots, and from there we begin analysis, diagnosis, and proposing treatment for every disease. Our motto is neutrality and objectivity.

ALKOUKH  seeks accuracy in performance and responsible freedom. Its title is one in our dictionary that cannot be divided or divided, because independence is not supposed to be affected under all circumstances, and the fluctuating ceilings of freedoms must be steadfast and the goal is “a free, professional, independent media responsible for the interests of the nation.”

ALKOUKH Between its pages, everyone has a share, and dialogue with the other is necessary, and the other will find all listening ears and open hearts, whether we meet with him in thought or part in it, as long as vocabulary is a language of communication.

ALKOUKH  is definitely capable of accepting viewpoints, whatever they may be, provided that they adhere to the foundations and principles of dialogue, ideas, debate, and points of convergence and divergence.

ALKOUKH It is not for a sect, nor for a group, nor for a movement, and it is not for a party or an institution, and because it is that way, it will inevitably be for everyone. There is no difference or distinction between the viewpoint of those from here as long as adherence to the foundations and controls that constitute the contract under which Sawsanah was launched and its important basis are available.