Use the iPhone Keyboard from Clicks to Relive the BlackBerry Days

Clicks Technology, a startup founded by Kevin Michaluk (also known as CrackBerry Kevin) and Michael Fisher (also known as MrMobile), has unveiled its nostalgic offering, called the Clicks Keyboard, just in time for CES 2024. The keyboard accessory, which looks like the bottom of a BlackBerry silhouette, is enclosed in a unibody silicon case and slides onto the user's iPhone via a USB-C or lightning port, depending on the model, to provide a fully functional QWERTY keyboard. Clicks provided a preview of the device as its actual debut at CES next week draws near.

With its London Sky gray hue and Bumblebee yellow coloring, the Clicks Keyboard lets users "maximize [their] screen space." It functions as a plug-and-play smart case and doesn't need a Bluetooth connection. The thin Keyboard, which is powered by your iPhone, doesn't require a separate battery and doesn't significantly increase the weight of your phone. You don't need to remove your phone's case in order to charge it; just plug it in using the pass-through socket on the bottom. There's also a backlight feature provided.

Voice-to-text and iOS shortcuts are also supported by the Clicks accessory. To access the home screen, click "CMD + H." To access Search and access a "whole list" of other options, use "CMD + Space."

The Clicks product is the first-ever iPhone creator keyboard, with prices starting at $139 USD for the iPhone 14 size. "We're not only copying historical events. In the video announcing the debut below, Fischer describes this as a keyboard designed specifically for the iPhone. He gestures to the number arrangement on the keyboard: the Clicks Keyboard aligns the digits 0–9 vertically, mirroring the iOS layout, whereas the original BlackBerry keyboard arranged them horizontally, on the left side of the dialpad.

Visit the Clicks Technology website to reserve your Clicks keyboard right away. A Clicks app with more features is on the way, so keep a watch on the App Store as well.