January 2024 will see Meta Quest+ incorporate these two virtual reality games

Meta's Virtual Reality membership Every month, Meta Quest+ offers you two brand-new VR games. In January 2024, these two titles were added

Nock is a single-player only game that blends archery and soccer. It provides modes for both competitive gamers and enjoyable rounds with friends

Using a bow and arrows, the object of the game is to shoot a ball into the opponent's goal. There are specific goods available for this use. Players can make obstacles with block arrows, among other things. In addition, players can score goals using their bodies in addition to bows and arrows


Richie's Experience With Planks
Like no other, the 2017 VR experience exemplifies the evocative power of virtual reality.  At the foot of a tower, you enter an elevator that, after a brief ride, opens up to reveal a large abyss in front of you. Balancing on a virtual wooden plank over the abyss is the mental struggle

Richie's Plank Experience was a thrilling VR experience back in the day. Even with the latest addition of a mixed reality mode, 2024 still lacks content

Meta chooses two new VR games each month

The deal will expire at the end of the month if you don't claim the new VR games each month via the Meta Quest app, the headset, or the internet. This implies that you cannot retrospectively claim VR games from earlier months
Assuming that you claim the VR games each month, your Quest+ game collection will gradually expand

If you already own the VR games that are scheduled for release in the upcoming month, you can skip a month because you can cancel your VR membership at any time.
You will not be able to access the VR games you have claimed if you cancel your membership. You can get back into them and play the VR games that are currently accessible by subscribing again.
Quest+ is compatible with Pro, Meta Quest 2, and 3.
The monthly subscription fee is $7.99 USD, and the annual subscription fee is $59.99 USD.

The following VR titles are currently available for Quest+:

July 2023

Pistol Whip (original retail cost: $30)
Pixel Ripped 1995 (usually available for $20)
August 2023

Walkabout Mini Golf, retailing for $15.
Maternity: Forge (usual cost: $20)
September of 2023

Red Matter (normally $25)
October 2023; A Fisherman's Tale ($15).

Moving forward (usual cost: $25)
Little Cities (normally $20)
November 2023

NFL Pro Era (normally $15)
The standard price of Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs is $20.
December 2023

The Fight's Excitement (normal price: $10)
Swarm (usual cost: $25)