Internet outage in a portion of Coachella Valley attributed to vandalism; all services have been restored

On Friday, those who live in certain parts of Indio and La Quinta woke up without phone, internet, or video service. The culprit, according to Spectrum, is "a damaged fiber optic cable caused by vandalism." The Indio Police are looking into it.

Dennis Johnson, Senior Director of Communications for Spectrum's West Region, tells News Channel 3 that at least half of the consumers experiencing service outages have had their service restored; however, he did not specify the overall number of customers that were left without service.

Vandalism in the Indio area this morning resulted in the cutting of our fiber wires. Our personnel arrived promptly, and we are already repairing the fiber cuts to get services back up as soon as feasible.

Just before 5:00 p.m., Dennis Johnson, Senior Director of West Region Communications Spectrum, made the announcement that all services had been restored. According to a company representative, more than 400 broken or severed fiber strands needed to be repaired by technicians.  

Aside from residential clients, the disruption affected services provided by government organizations, such as the La Quinta Public Library and the Larson Justice Center.

News Channel 3 is attempting to obtain additional information regarding the alleged vandalism by reaching out to the local law authorities.


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