Get 19% savings when you purchase four Apple AirTags for the price of three

On Amazon, Apple's tracking gadgets, the AirTag, are 19% off. Using a coupon also results in an extra discount for a certain period of time

When you break down the cost, Amazon is offering a bundle of four AirTags at a discounted price, which is equivalent to getting one for free. For a little period, there's also an extra 99 cents off with a coupon

Using an Apple AirTag is an excellent way to monitor your belongings that disappear frequently. When it's most difficult to find, bags and keys are where the AirTag comes in handy

The tiny trackers from Apple use Bluetooth and will notify you if you lose them. Using the Find My app, for example, it will direct you when you want to look for something in the house

The AirTags were introduced in 2021 and have been a huge success. Even some rivals have released their versions both ahead of and after Apple products, allowing non-Apple devices to use them. But, as the setup requires an Apple device, the AirTags cannot be used directly with Android smartphones

Apple AirTag substitutes for Android also go on sale

Should you prefer the Android counterparts, single packs of Samsung's and Tile's trackers are also available for purchase. Right now, a Samsung SmartTag 2 is discounted by 17%, and a Tile Pro is discounted by 20%

The company that first presented the idea to the general public, Tile, was later acquired for more than $200 million. In January 2021, Samsung, in the meantime, debuted its own tracker a few months ahead of Apple

If you're already a part of the Apple ecosystem, Apple AirTags are the most economical option. This is an incredible offer that will truly benefit you on a daily basis. How many times have we lost our iPhone just to find it in the house by rushing to another Apple device? There are currently too many to count

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