For some Samsung and Pixel customers, the companion app for the Galaxy Watch is performing strange

Is the Galaxy Watch not compatible with certain Pixel phones? Seems like the Wearable app is having issues due to a glitch.

What you should be aware of
Owners of Google Pixel smartphones are reportedly facing problems with the Galaxy Wearable software, which is causing their impacted Galaxy Watches to disconnect and not be able to reconnect, according to a number of Reddit reports.
It's odd that the bug appears to affect Galaxy Watch models but not earbuds that are paired with the Wearable app.
Other users of Samsung phones have reported experiencing problems and endless spinning when using the Galaxy Wearable app.

There appears to be a broad issue with Samsung's Galaxy Wearable app that is interfering with Google Pixel phone and Galaxy Watch connections, potentially affecting Samsung phone customers as well.

One of the many useful benefits that Samsung Galaxy Watches provide to their users is their compatibility with any smartphone manufacturer. But as 9to5Google has observed, some users have been missing out on the seamless Galaxy Watch experience with both Pixel and Samsung smartphones for the past several days.

On Reddit, a number of users are complaining about the Galaxy Wearable app in different forums. After Pixel smartphones received the January 2024 update this week, the issue appears to have started.

Numerous complaints state that the Galaxy Watch appears to unpair itself at random and act irrationally when it comes to trying to couple with the Pixel smartphone once more. Rumor has said that this annoying glitch is upsetting users of the Galaxy Watch 4, Watch 5, and Watch 6.

Furthermore, Galaxy devices are also experiencing some of the issue. Fortunately, it's not yet wreaking havoc on a large scale. A few workarounds are being discussed over at Reddit. Setting the date on your phone back to December 31, 2023 is one solution that has been suggested, however there's no assurance that this will work for everyone who is impacted.

Right now, the erratic Galaxy Wearable app is a major puzzle. The naughty January 2024 upgrade is being fingered as the most likely culprit. So, you can either hope that Samsung steps in to save your beloved Galaxy phones, or cross your fingers for a fix in the upcoming Pixel update.


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