Concerning the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, I have concerns

Regarding the next Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, I'm not interested in believing any one particular rumor, and I'd be surprised if Samsung took such a strange tactical stance. However, it's probable that the phone's 10x optical zoom capability will be dropped

Right now, things might go either way, but if it does, the S24 Ultra would lose its primary, distinctive, and noteworthy camera function and be left with a 3x and a 5x optical zoom. And the idea of that disgusts me

If the allegations are true, it would be an extremely difficult choice—nearly as difficult as the fact that no other manufacturer has yet to compete with Samsung by offering a phone with a 10x optical zoom camera. I had hoped to see at least one other phone with an amazing zoom by 2024, but it's possible that there won't be any at all

Throughout the year, I use a variety of cellphones, and I like to snap a lot of pictures with them. But because of the 10x zoom capability, I find myself thinking, "Oh, I wish I had my S23 Ultra right now to take that photo," quite frequently. It is capable of taking pictures that are just not feasible to take with any other phone on the market today, both in terms of quality and detail

Since the Galaxy S21 Ultra debuted with this function, I've been a huge fan, and I'm not alone. Furthermore, should the feature be dropped, the S23 Ultra's photography prowess would be diminished

Why would Samsung think about doing away with it and sticking with its longest option, a 5x optical zoom? Cost may be the deciding factor because, among other reasons, probably just a small number of users utilize and appreciate the 10x zoom feature, or because it cannot fit within the new S24 Ultra owing to other considerations

Alternatively, it's a response to the new 5x optical zoom of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Samsung has a reputation for following Apple rather than making its own decisions. This is evident in the way the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro was marketed, incorrectly comparing it to the Apple Watch Ultra

If there were a few other phones that could meet my needs in the event that the Galaxy S24 Ultra lacks a 10x optical zoom, I wouldn't be as upset, but there isn't a substitute that I can purchase. Furthermore, I have no idea which other big manufacturer would even be open to trying it. With the exception of Samsung's peculiar Galaxy S4 Zoom, Huawei is the only company to have adopted a 10x optical zoom thus far

After garnering significant attention with the introduction of a 10x hybrid zoom on the Huawei P30 Pro, Huawei returned to non-optical 10x zooms for subsequent phones, which it did again with the P40 Pro Plus. If Huawei's phones still had a 10x optical zoom, it wouldn't be a practical choice for many due to its unavailability and other issues. Given that Apple has only recently released a 5x optical zoom, a 10x optical zoom iPhone appears improbable

Although Oppo only provided a 5x optical zoom, the phone was also a hybrid 10x zoom, despite the moniker Reno 10x Zoom from 2019. Google uses its (apparently very good) software to take shots beyond 5x optical zoom, OnePlus appears content with an optical zoom of about 3x, Vivo is experimenting with hybrid setups, and the Xiaomi 13 Ultra has a 5x optical and 10x hybrid mode

Samsung must maintain the 10x optical zoom feature on the Galaxy S24 Ultra in 2024. Removing it now would be like taking away the S Pen stylus, another feature that makes the phone stand out from the competitors. It's a distinctive feature that has long made the Ultra model intriguing and different. The S24 Ultra is just another large, pricey phone without these

Regardless of the outcome, a void remains for an alternative producer to bridge. Smaller firms have a better chance of making an impression because it doesn't appear that the other major players are prepared to take a chance by extending the camera array's 10x optical zoom

A few names come to mind. With its Zenfone cameras, Asus has been experimenting with gimbal stabilization, which is a touch gimmicky. However, with a 10x optical zoom, the company may truly make the next model more appealing to a wider audience

Nothing that could be improved by concentrating on hardware for a time has been creating issues for itself with software misplays. If the Nothing Phone came in a Pro version with a 10x optical zoom, it would become quite popular

Last but not least, Motorola is fresh off an incredible 2023. Despite the occasional failure of its cameras, the company has expertise with 10x optical zoom hardware because to the True Zoom Moto Mod for the Moto Z series, which was supported by Hasselblad. Please bring something similar back for 2024

My ultimate goal is to capture sharp, blur-free images of squirrels in my backyard and other wildlife I encounter while traveling. To that end, I truly need my smartphone's camera to have a 10x optical zoom. Similar to how I don't want Samsung to abandon the feature with the Galaxy S24 Ultra, I also sincerely hope that another manufacturer would recognize the potential and include the feature in a future phone model

I don't really care whether the main camera has 200 megapixels or if the camera jumps out when I take a picture; you can keep your face-swapping tools and artificial intelligence-generated skies. Simply put, I don't want 2023 to be the final year when smartphones with 10x optical zoom were available