2023's top 5 phones, according to Kaloyan

Let me begin by admitting that hardly everyone has access to a variety of phones, and even fewer can do so regularly. And in this regard, we reviewers are undoubtedly pampered. Undoubtedly, it's among the best aspects of the work

But as 2023 draws to an end, one thing is certain: this was one of the worst years ever for smartphones. Due to a number of conflicts involving commerce, patents, territory, and religion, as well as a deadlock in innovation and a worldwide economic downturn, it was only reasonable for the entire sector to slow down and take it safe

And safe it was, with largely incremental improvements and minimal improvement across all major manufacturers

To cut a long tale short, I was not impressed by any phone this year. However, a handful of gadgets jumped out, and those are the ones I will mention here

Xiaomi 13 Pro

Even though I evaluated it back in 2023, this is still a really good smartphone. What a camera! The 13 Pro delivered exceptional build quality, display, performance, and stability

With the best image and video quality available, along with the best imaging hardware on the market, the Xiaomi 13 Pro is likely the cameraphone with the most flaws. flawed, which still bothers me now, due to the antiquated selfie camera

OnePlus Open

I never liked foldables. I admit that such things were cool and increased productivity, but they weren't really my style. Why? because when they were folded, they were thick and strangely uncomfortable. Up until the OnePlus Open, that is

Everything about the Open was well thought out: it was the right size, had a beautiful camera, a good battery life, a wonderful design, and it charged quickly. Throughout the review process and the weeks that followed, it continued to wow me and was noticeably better than the Fold5, even more elegant. It is on this list for that reason

Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max

I use this phone to make regular phone calls. I've used iPhones since the 3GS, and even though they are the newest and greatest, iOS's limitations make them far from the ideal phone. However, I am married to the Apple ecosystem, therefore I have to adore my phone. Furthermore, even though I can use the greatest wireless headphones available right now—the AirPods—on any device, having to part ways with iOS and its apps will cost me far more than simply half of my digital assets. Indeed, it is too late for me now

Fortunately, this year's iPhone 15 Pro Max is lighter thanks to the aluminum and titanium construction. Although I don't really care for the materials, I do like the design's reduced weight. Oh, and the addition of a USB-C port was long needed

The iPhone is a near-perfect gadget overall; it excels in design, display, performance, camera hardware, and a host of other little areas that many people just don't need. However, its massive notch and iOS still cause issues. Not to be forgotten is Apple's clumsy image processing

Nothing Phone (2)

Although I had my doubts about the Nothing Phone, I was glad to be disproved. I was even more delighted to review the superb Nothing Phone (2). It was one of the very few distinctive phones available that came with Glyph UI, something that other phones don't. Yes, it was a gimmick, but it was still in the early stages of development

The phone was exceptionally smooth and quick, which was previously a hallmark of OnePlus phones. And the Phone (2)—I'm not kidding—behaves like the fastest smartphone available. The Nothing OS is flawless; it is simple, uncomplicated, and fluid. And that's what OS I would use if I had to choose for my phone

Huawei P60 Pro

The reason I adore Huawei phones is their cameras, and that hasn't altered. I could even argue that this is not the right time or location to purchase a Huawei tablet or phone. With its variable aperture main camera and the most natural image processing I've seen, the Huawei P60 Pro is, in any case, one of the greatest phones for taking pictures. Additionally, it is a really decent phone with a fantastic screen, strong hardware, an appealing design, and lightning-fast charging

The P60 Pro lacks 5G and Google apps and services, and a lot of consumers think Huawei phones are being used by the Chinese government to spy on them

Nevertheless, after using it for a while and testing it out, I had to admit that I really liked it and was pleased with the pictures I took

Honorable mentions

The OnePlus Nord 3 and the Vivo V27 Pro are the two devices that received honorable mentions

I was impressed by the Nord 3's reasonably priced price and well-rounded specs sheet. One of the greatest mid-range phones available, I gave it to over a dozen close friends, and half of them purchased it and are delighted with it. The Nord 3 will most likely provide everything you need if you're not looking for expensive phones to brag about or cutting-edge technologies

The Vivo V27 Pro isn't the greatest phone available, and it's not even widely available. However, it is stunning, features a single outstanding OLED, quick hardware, a long battery life with lightning-fast charging, and—most importantly—a fantastic camera—even for selfies

Although it was a dull year overall, we did get a few good smartphones, and I sincerely hope that 2024 will bring us even more fascinating and cutting-edge models. Even yet, I realize the odds are slim

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