Shannen Doherty Says 'Charmed' Fired Her During Feud With Alyssa Milano; Holly Marie Combs learned that Milano was threatening to sue her for a hostile work environment

Shannen Doherty claims she was fired from 'Charmed' due to Alyssa Milano's ultimatum to producers, threatening to sue for hostile work environment if not retained

Hollie Marie Combs supports Doherty's claim, suggesting Milano leveraged to oust Doherty, contrary to her statement of voluntarily leaving the show

Doherty admits her representatives concocted a story about her leaving to protect her career from another firing, despite her skepticism of its credibility

She was an original cast member of 'Charmed', replaced by Rose McGowan after her character's death in season three

Combs recalls 'Charmed' producer Jonathan Levin sharing Milano's ultimatum, and her mediation efforts to document on-set discomfort, creating a case for herself

Doherty regrets not taking legal action at the time, despite always maintaining professionalism with Milano. Combs criticizes Milano's tactics, denying any on-set conflicts

Doherty traces the feud origins to 'Charmed's' initial promotional approach, focusing solely on her despite Milano and Combs being leads

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