“We demand all the world's forces to end the occupation of our land and our Al-Quds. We are ready to pay the price for freedom and will not accept anything less than our independence.

We had information that the aggression would return to Gaza after the civilian prisoner exchange operation.

There will be no prisoner exchange as long as the aggression continues on Gaza.

We are in a battle of liberation, and the occupier must leave our land.

We have proposed the handover of the elderly over 60 years in exchange for the release of our prisoners over 60.

Efforts are ongoing, and our brothers in Qatar are exerting efforts to curb the "israeli" aggression on Gaza.

The ruling class in the zionist entity has an interest in continuing the aggression because once it stops, its role will end and Netanyahu will go to prison.

The resistance, led by Hamas, is steadfast in Gaza, and we are certain that the Palestinian people will expel the occupation.

Every "israeli" crime against our people hastens the end of the occupation.

I salute our brothers in Lebanon, Iraq, and Yemen, and we call on all Arab and Islamic countries to fight the occupation.

An Arab state receiving the leader of the zionist entity at this time is difficult for us, illogical, and we are against normalization with the occupation.”

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