Released detainee Mia Shim praises Al-Qassam's treatment of her

Detainee Mia Shim, who was released from the Gaza Strip as part of the seventh batch of exchanges, on Thursday evening, praised the Qassam Brigadesโ€™ treatment of her during her detention period since October 7th.

Mia Shim said that everything she saw during the last period in Gaza was โ€œperfectlyโ€ good, stressing that the Qassam Brigadesโ€™ treatment of her was good and that she was receiving the appropriate medicines and that the food was good.

Al-Qassam Brigades, the military arm of the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas, showed scenes of the seventh batch of detainees being handed over as part of the exchange deal on its seventh day.

Earlier, the Qatari Foreign Ministry spokesman said that the "Israeli" detainees released in Gaza were two minors and six women, including dual nationals.

The Qatari Foreign Ministry spokesman added that the Palestinians released from occupation prisons included 23 minors and 7 women.

The Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs also confirmed that 30 Palestinians would be released in exchange for the release of 10 detainees in Gaza, according to the commitments of the seventh day of the truce.

The Qatari Foreign Ministry indicated that the two Russian citizens released on Wednesday were included in the list of the seventh batch.

On Thursday evening, the Commission for Ex-Prisonersโ€™ Affairs and the Palestinian Prisonersโ€™ Club announced the names of 30 prisoners on the list of the seventh batch of male and female child prisoners who will be released as part of the exchange deal.

The list included 8 female prisoners, all from the occupied interior, and 22 children from different areas in the West Bank, and they will be received in the square opposite the Ramallah municipality.


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